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Vincenzo Bellini

Vincenzo Bellini(1801-1835), Italian operatic composer, son and grandson of professional musicians, he had lessons from his grandfather and began to compose sacred and secular vocal works, then entered Naples Conservatory(Real Collegio di musics di San Sebastiano) studying under Tritto and Zingarelli. His first opera "Adelson e Salvini" performed in 1825 was successful and soon engaged to compose for La Scala. He composed mainly operas in a bel-canto tyle: Il pirara, Bianca e Gernando, Zaira, La sonnambula, Beatrice di Tenda, I Capuletti e i Montecchi, Norma, I puritani.

Italian Bank Note

Bellini and interior of La Scala



Issued in 2001 in commemoration of -
Bellini's bicentennial birth, and
Verdi's centennial death.



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